|Category:Textile and Clothing Design
|Material:Natural fibres, salvaged cotton shirts, merino wool wrap, silk and lace work
|Technique:Hand stitched, embroidered, bead embellished, felted. Silk veil is tadeai indigo dye dipped
|City, Country:Aotearoa/Australia

India Flint_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

India Flint MVA, born in Melbourne, lives in rural South Australia, has championed the use of natural plant contact dyeing and eucalyptus eco prints in particular, as a method of sustainable living for 2 decades.

Author of Eco-colour Botanical dyes for Beautiful Textiles (2008) & Second skin: Choosing and caring for Textiles and Clothing (2011), Murdoch Books.

India has launched an online programme at the School of Nomad Arts.

India’s skill in teaching eco prints has allowed world wide followers the opportunity to access their own locally foraged plant dye methods and build on this collaborative body of knowledge.

A truly sustainable practice through building connections, materials harvesting, processes, applications and locations.

India Flint MVA,出生於墨爾本,現居澳大利亞南部的鄉村地區,已經在過去兩十年中倡導使用天然植物接觸染色和尤其是桉樹生態印花作為可持續生活的方法。

她是《生態色彩:美麗紡織品的植物染料》(2008年)和《第二皮膚:選擇和保養紡織品和服裝》(2011年)的作者,出版社為Murdoch Books。

India 在 Nomad Arts 學校推出了一個在線課程。。

India 在教授生態印花方面的技能使全球追隨者有機會接觸到他們當地採集的植物染料方法,並建立在這一合作知識體系上。


Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

On sustainability:

I work primarily with pre-used undyed clothing made from natural fibres, cutting and grafting pieces, buttons and trims and supplement upcycled components with new cloth from sustainable sources as required. Most of the sewing is done by hand, making each garment unique. Windfall leaves are collected and contact printed onto the cloth. If mordants are used, they are sourced from found metal items and infused with fermented fruit vinegars, sea water, amongst other liquids. If the garment colour fades, I am happy to re-dye for the client if requested. Garments made this way can be over-dyed for life, worn to shreds and safely given back to the earth as compost.


India Flint_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work關於參展作品的創作動機與設計理念

Cult Couture is the concept of connections made between Aotearoa and Australian sustainable slow cloth cultures. This Cult Couture collab garment was originally made by India Flint and Deb Donnelly for a NZ touring group exhibition in 2012 titled ‘Windows on White’ by Aotearoa Felters group. Which is why the dress remains undyed, in natural form, made from salvaged textile works, lace and nuno, accessorized with NZ merino and silk nuno felt and indigo ombre dyed silk veil. It has had a wonderful journey and continues to delight new wearers in many contexts.

Cult Couture 是在紐西蘭和澳大利亞之間可持續慢布文化之間建立的連接的概念。
這款 Cult Couture 合作裝束最初是由印度·弗林特(India Flint)和黛布·唐納利(Deb Donnelly)於2012年為紐西蘭漫遊展覽團“白色之窗”(Windows on White)製作的,由紐西蘭 Felters 團體提供。這就是為什麼這件連衣裙保持未染色的自然形式,由拯救的紡織品、花邊和努諾製成,配有紐西蘭美利奴羊毛和絲綢努諾氈和靛藍漸層染色絲綢面紗。它有著美好的旅程,並繼續在許多場合中為新的穿著者帶來愉悅。