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Csanák DLA_SUSFUTURE 2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

Edit Csanák is a fashion designer and denim artisan with expertise in Sustainable Fashion and Textile Supply Chain Management. She is also recognized for her work in Fashion Branding and Identity Design. Dr. Edit Csanák serves as an associate professor at Óbuda University in Budapest. Additionally, she holds the position of Vice Dean at the Rejtő Sándor Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Protection Engineering. As the Head of the Institute of Product Design, she contributes to fostering creativity and excellence in design education.

Edit Csanák是一位時尚設計師和牛仔藝術家,擁有可持續時尚和紡織供應鏈管理方面的專業知識。她在時尚品牌定位和身份設計方面也享有盛譽。Dr. Edit Csanák擔任布達佩斯的Óbuda大學副教授。此外,她還擔任Rejtő Sándor輕工業和環境保護工程學院的副院長。作為產品設計學院的負責人,她致力於促進設計教育中的創造力和卓越表現。

Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

Since it emerged as a global movement and professional standard, I've passionately advocated for sustainable fashion. Engaging in discussions on this topic since 2005, I've witnessed sustainable fashion evolve into a powerful force driving significant change within the industry. With the rise of digitalisation, the fashion sector stands on the brink of exciting advancements, as highlighted by leading analysts. The integration of AI in fashion is particularly promising, offering opportunities to enhance design processes, nurture creativity, and bring initial concepts to life. Sustainability, at its core, is about continuity and adaptation. Nothing can be truly sustainable if it remains static, as the world and our lives are constantly developing. Thus, cultural practices must evolve to align with current perspectives and trends to maintain sustainability.


Csanák DLA_SUSFUTURE 2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work

The artwork presented is from my series "IKONIKA HISTORIKA," inspired by Austro-Hungarian Secession art in Subotica. Part of my initiative "AI Experiments by Edita**," launched in 2023, it merges AI and art, crafting culturally rooted imagery. Subotica's Art Nouveau architecture provides rich inspiration. I reimagine costume history in denim, merging tradition with Industry 4.0 tech. This project aims to blend cultural heritage with modernity. Since 2014, IKONIKA has evolved annually, starting with IKONIKA ORGANIKA and CBJ IKONIKA SS18. In 2017, IKONIKA HERMETIKA debuted at the Chaos and Order exhibition in Szeged, later showcased in Budapest. DENIFESTO exhibited in 2019 at GSFW. IKONIKA LUMENIKA emerged in 2020, followed by IKONIKA FLUIDIKA in 2021. IKONIKA SELVEDGIKA debuted in 2023 and will feature in the VIII. International Textile Triennial. IKONIKA HISTORIKA, part of "AI experiments by edita**," was created in 2024. Looking forward, IKONIKA BOTANICA awaits, reflecting my continuous creative journey. 

這幅作品來自我的系列作品"IKONIKA HISTORIKA",靈感來自斯波蒂察的奧匈帝國分離主義藝術。作為我在2023年推出的"Edita**的AI實驗"計劃的一部分,它將人工智能和藝術融合,打造了根植於文化的形象。斯波蒂察的新藝術建築提供了豐富的靈感。我重新想像了牛仔服裝的歷史,將傳統與工業4.0技術融合在一起。這個項目旨在將文化遺產與現代融為一體。自2014年以來,IKONIKA每年都在不斷發展,從IKONIKA ORGANIKA和CBJ IKONIKA SS18開始。2017年,IKONIKA HERMETIKA在塞格德的混沌與秩序展覽上首次亮相,後來在布達佩斯展出。DENIFESTO在2019年的GSFW上展出。IKONIKA LUMENIKA於2020年問世,接著是IKONIKA FLUIDIKA於2021年。IKONIKA SELVEDGIKA在2023年首次亮相,將在第八屆國際紡織三年展中展出。"AI experiments by edita**"的一部分,IKONIKA HISTORIKA於2024年創作。展望未來,IKONIKA BOTANICA正在等待,反映了我的持續創作之旅。