Alex Hug「ARMADURA DE SOL」|永續時尚之旅

|Category:Clothing design
|Material: Secondhand yellow clothing, all worn and used
|City, Country:Madrid, Spain

Alex Hug

/Artist 藝術家/

Alex Hug (b. 1989, Madrid) is a textile sculptor and upcycling expert. With degrees from Central Saint Martins, Parsons Paris, and Marangoni, she explores sustainability and social themes through her creations. Hug, who teaches at IED University and IADE School of Design, has exhibited internationally, including at SOLO Collection, CCC Carmen, Matadero Madrid and CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo in Venice . Through her brand A HUG, she reimagines clothing and their stories to convey new designs with profound meaning.

Alex Hug(出生於1989年,馬德里)是一位紡織雕塑家和升級專家。她擁有來自中央聖馬丁學院、巴黎巴森學院和馬蘭戈尼學院的學位,通過她的創作探索永續和社會主題。Hug在IED大學和IADE設計學院任教,並在國際上展出作品,包括在SOLO收藏、CCC卡門、Matadero Madrid和威尼斯的CREA當代工作室。通過她的品牌A HUG,她重新想像服裝及其故事,傳達具有深刻意義的新設計。

Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

My interdisciplinary approach as a textile sculptor and designer merges tradition with innovation, sustainability with fashion, and life with art. Through upcycling, I revive manual, ancestral techniques, breaking free from impersonal industrial production. This shift fosters a deeper, more personal connection between creator and garment, resonating with consumers. It's a fashion renaissance, reinventing the industry for a more human, sustainable, and respectful future.

我的跨領域方法作為一個紡織雕塑家和設計師將傳統與創新、可持續性與時尚、生活與藝術融合在一起。通過再利用,我喚醒手工、祖傳技術,擺脫冷淡的工業生產。這種轉變促進了創作者和服裝之間更深層次、更個人化的聯繫, resonating with consumers。這是時尚的復興,重新塑造了行業,迎接更人性化、更可持續、更尊重的未來。

Alex Hug_Armadura de Sol_Full

The Concept and Description of the Work

"Armadura de Sol" is a suspended dress merging yellow collars, resembling a tent-like silhouette. Initially conceived as a personal sanctuary, it has evolved into a profound coping mechanism, offering a safe space for emotions. The variety of yellow textiles evoke positive emotions and provide comforting warmth. More than a visual piece, it serves as a conduit of positive energy and emotional resonance, inviting viewers to engage in an interactive experience by placing their heads through the openings. This interaction transforms the dress into a portal for uplifting narratives and emotional connections. It reflects hope, resilience, and the capacity for positive transformation amidst life's challenges, weaving symbolic elements into a fashion expression. 

"太陽護甲" 是一件懸掛的連衣裙,融合了黃色衣領,形成了類似帳篷般的輪廓。最初構想為個人聖所,它已演變成一種深刻的應對機制,為情緒提供了一個安全空間。多種黃色紡織品喚起了積極的情緒,並提供了令人安慰的溫暖。它不僅僅是一件視覺藝術品,還作為正能量和情感共鳴的媒介,邀請觀眾通過穿過開口來參與互動體驗。這種互動將連衣裙轉化為一個載有振奮故事和情感聯繫的門戶。它反映了在生活挑戰中的希望、韌性和積極轉變的能力,將象徵性元素編織到時尚表達中。