Asher T. Sinclaire「FLIGHT」|永續時尚之旅

|Category:Textile design (Digital Eco-Art)
|Material:USA Certified Organic Cotton Twill Textile
|Technique:Digital Textile Printing
|City, Country:Phoenix, USA

Sinclaire_Profile_SUSFUTURE 2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

Asher T. Sinclaire is a Digital Eco-Artist who has evolved into a natural eco-textiles advocate, designer, and speaker. He creates nature-inspired designs from his photographs and prints them on natural eco-textiles using a waterless printing process and certified biodegradable, non-toxic inks.

His involvement with the global natural eco-textile community reinforces his belief in the safety and sustainability of natural eco-textiles, which contribute to the well-being of both people and the planet. Asher celebrates infinite intelligence, the manifestation and expression of the soul, the metamorphosis of the human experience, and deeper connections with the natural way of life.

Asher T. Sinclaire 是一位數位生態藝術家,已演變成為一位自然生態紡織品倡導者、設計師和演講者。他從自己的照片中創作以自然為靈感的設計,並將其印刷在天然生態紡織品上,使用無水印刷工藝和經認證的可生物降解、無毒的油墨。

他與全球自然生態紡織品社區的合作加強了他對天然生態紡織品安全和可持續性的信念,這有助於人類和地球的健康。Asher 讚美無限的智慧,靈魂的表現和表達,人類經驗的變化,以及與自然生活方式的深層聯繫。

Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

My digital eco-art integrates traditional techniques and fibers with cutting-edge digital technology, illustrating the synergy between respecting heritage and pushing toward a sustainable future. This fusion underlines a commitment to ethical practices in fashion, fostering a dialogue on how we can preserve traditions while embracing technological advances.

I aim to create a platform for continuous innovation and collaboration by involving the community and exploring new eco-friendly avenues. This effort will bring economic viability and enrich our collective understanding of sustainability, showing how traditional methods and modern technology can coexist to enhance our lifestyles and protect the planet.



Sinclaire_Artwork_Detail_Sinclaire_Profile_SUSFUTURE 2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work

"Flight" features macaw and white dove feathers and was created to stimulate positive energy and imagination. The design was crafted to balance subtle energies and vitalize living spaces, workplaces, businesses, yoga studios, meditation centers, and art studios. This artwork is a spectacular addition to an environmentally friendly lifestyle and honors a more profound relationship with the innate flow and rhythm of life.

This eco-art wall hanging is digitally printed with a certified 100% USA organic cotton twill textile and biodegradable, non-toxic inks using a waterless printing process. The USA organic cotton was grown in Texas, spun in North Carolina, manufactured in South Carolina, finished in California, printed in Missouri, and sewn in Arizona. The designs are personally cut and sewn with 100% GOTS organic cotton thread. The entire supply chain adheres to strict practices to ensure the artwork is genuinely ethical and sustainable.


這件生態藝術牆飾採用了經認證的100%美國有機棉斜紋紡織品,使用了無水印刷工藝的可生物降解、無毒油墨進行數字印刷。美國有機棉在德克薩斯州種植,由北卡羅來納州紡紗,南卡羅來納州製造,加州加工,密蘇里州印刷,亞利桑那州縫製。設計師個人剪裁和縫製,使用100% GOTS有機棉線。整個供應鏈遵循嚴格的標準,確保藝術品真正符合道德和可持續性。