|Category:Textile design
|City, Country:Taipei, Taiwan

Yong-Xue Hsieh_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

From high school to university and graduate school, I have specialized in the intricate expressions and colour sensitivity of pattern design. I apply a macro and micro approach to observe the diversity of species in life and transform them into creative materials. My creative works cover a wide range of categories, including clothing, home decor, pure artistic creations, and textiles with art therapy elements. I have frequently been invited to exhibit both domestically and internationally.


Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

There should be a balance between tradition and innovation. Sustainability extends beyond the realm of fashion and into our everyday lives. I believe that sustainable living goes hand in hand with responsible consumption. I aim to inspire individuals to make eco-conscious choices. Whether it's through designing patterns for reusable products, encouraging the use of recycled materials, or promoting mindful consumption habits, I strive to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. This approach allows me to create patterns that respect tradition while embracing innovation and meeting the demands of the future.


Yong-Xue Hsieh_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work關於參展作品的創作動機與設計理念

In the studio, we use the heat transfer method to experiment with new visual effects and reduce water usage in printing design practice. But to get the right colour for your work, it needs to be printed 2-3 times on the fabric to reduce the vividness. 

This time, I replaced fabric with paper, representing the lightness of feathers and sharp details. I like the way everything can be reused and recreated, finding the balance between tradition and the future, while also integrating sustainability into both design and everyday life. 

Through more testing, more investigation, and more examination, you shall discover more.