|Category:Clothing design
|Material:Acetate Fabric
|Technique:Patchwork Embroidery
|City, Country:Guizhou, China

Qing Chen_SUSFUTURE 2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

陳青,苗族,出生在苗族聚居的村寨,自幼熱愛苗族刺繡和民族服飾,對民族工藝和民族服飾有著深厚的情感,在傳承和弘揚民族工藝及民族服飾上做出重大貢獻, 是州級苗族服飾代表性傳承人。 2013年1月成立都勻市苗藝民族工藝有限責任公司,立基於挖掘、開發、製作、傳承少數民族服飾等系列產品。

Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

In today's complex and tempt-filled cities, many people blindly pursue European fashion trends, forgetting the allure of China's traditional culture spanning five millennia. Ethnic traditional clothing culture is elegant and magnificent, with patterns possessing both aesthetic and research value. With the development of the times, only parts of these patterns can be extracted and combined with modern clothing, blending the two to achieve sublimation.    


Qing Chen_SUSFUTURE 2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work

This garment features traditional "shui shu" characters, translating to "Prosperity in the Spring and Autumn, Harmony in Cultural Relics, Abundance of Grains with Even Rain, and Auspiciousness in Months and Years, Filling the House with Silver." These characters are crafted using the traditional patchwork embroidery technique from Guizhou Province, with accessories made of Miao silver. Inspired by the Miao culture, the ensemble presents a modern clothing style, ensuring the preservation and inheritance of the Miao cultural heritage.