Aiza Beiyshbekova「WE ARE CONNECTED / UPCYCLED TALES」|永續時尚之旅

|Category:Clothing design
|Material: Mixed textile materials
|Technique:Moulage, sewing, embroidering
|City, Country:Rome, Italy


/Artist 藝術家/

Aiza  enrolled to the BA in Sustainable Fashion Design of Rufa wich is the first BA in Italy with a Sustainable focus. Aiza has already studied fashion in her mother country  she’s very talented in dsigning, sewing and creativity in general. Attending the BA she’s now  very focused in  the understanding of the environmental, social and cultural impacts of the fashion industry. She’s  learning to apply a critic approach all along the pipe line, from fashion design, trough t supply chain selection, production control, marketing campaigns,  till the final client, in order to diminish the disruptive sides of the industry and promote a new conscious fashion making concept.


Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

Aiza  thinks is that is necessary to build up a bridge between tradition and future. It’s important to rediscover some caring habits of the past, such as mending, reparing, crocheting, weaving and  to mix them  with an historical sense of glamour  as well as an  artistic vibe that goes far beyond the quick fast fashion trends, all this energies has to  boosted from new technologies possibilities and enriched form a sustainable  strong ethic.


Aiza Beiyshbekova_weareallconnected

The Concept and Description of the Work關於參展作品的創作動機與設計理念

Aixa design is born as part of a group projectnamedUp-Cycled TalesconceivedbyRufastudentsasa journeytroughmanipulatingofsecond hand garments and fabricsin an up-cycled logicand inspired by the  Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs) of the UN 20230 Agenda.During thedesigningprocess the designers have followed a transdisciplinaryapproachrealizingtheircreationstrough up-cyclingmethod and passingbehind the camerato testimonythe result of their design and its sustainable content. In particular Aiza’swork  isaasweater made out of 3. The main idea of the project, inspired to SDGs number 5 aboutgenderequalityand SDGs no 10aboutreducing inequalities,is to show that all people aredifferent butdespite our differenceswe must stick together.From a workmanship point ofviewthe sweaters playson the conjunction of the 3sweaters differentbystylesfabric, colourand texture,thestitchesmade by handsymbolize thepoint of conjuncture between differences as well as thepatchworkhand palm on the back. 

Aixa 設計誕生於一個名為「Up-Cycled Tales」的團體專案,該專案由 Rufa 學生構思,作為一段通過操縱二手服裝和面料的旅程,以升級再造的邏輯為基礎,並受到聯合國 2030 議程中的可持續發展目標 (SDGs) 的啟發。在設計過程中,設計師們採用了跨學科的方法,通過升級再造的方法實現他們的創作,並親自拍攝設計成果及其可持續性內容。特別是 Aiza 的作品,是由三件毛衣組成的一件毛衣。該專案的主要理念是受可持續發展目標第 5 項(性別平等)和第 10 項(減少不平等)的啟發,旨在展示所有人雖然各有不同,但無論我們的差異如何,都必須團結在一起。從工藝角度來看,這件毛衣玩轉了三件不同風格、面料、顏色和質地的毛衣的結合,手工縫製的針腳象徵著差異之間的連接點,背後的拼布手掌同樣傳達了這一理念。