|Category:Clothing and accessory desigin
|Material:Organic cotton & hemp, with recycled materials
|Technique:Hand-block printing, shibori, and natural dyeing
|City, Country:Lahore, Pakistan

Muhammad Fawad Noori_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

Muhammad Fawad Noori is a visionary fashion icon, defying convention to pursue his passion for fashion. With a background in aviation, he boldly chose fashion, graduating from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design and furthering his education at Textile Institute Manchester and London College of Fashion. As a multifaceted professional, he excels as a designer, choreographer, stylist, educator, and consultant. He serves as Assistant Professor at Superior University Lahore's School of Art & Design, nurturing the next generation of fashion talent. His eponymous label, FADNOORI COUTURE, showcases sustainable couture. He is representing Pakistan at the World Fashion Exhibition Shanghai and holds esteemed positions in various international organizations, driving the global sustainable fashion movement.

Muhammad Fawad Noori是一位具有遠見的時尚偶像,挑戰傳統,追求他對時尚的激情。他具有航空背景,大膽選擇了時尚,畢業於巴基斯坦時尚設計學院,並在曼徹斯特紡織學院和倫敦時裝學院深造。作為一名多才多藝的專業人士,他在設計、編舞、造型、教育和諮詢方面都表現出色。他擔任拉合爾超級大學藝術與設計學院的助理教授,培養著下一代時尚人才。他的同名品牌FADNOORI COUTURE展示了可持續高級訂製。他代表巴基斯坦參加了上海世界時裝展,擔任各種國際組織的重要職務,推動全球可持續時尚運動。

Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

I am thrilled and honoured to receive this invitation to be a part of the event 'From Tradition to Future – A Journey of Sustainable Fashion' exhibition. As a passionate advocate for sustainable design, I am excited to contribute my work and share my vision with a wider audience. The theme of the exhibition vibrates deeply with my own creative journey, as I believe that sustainability is not only a responsibility, it’s a solution but also a source of inspiration for innovation.

My digital created work, showcasing my design concepts and creativity that embody the principles of sustainability align with blue pottery of Multan, Pakistan and scenic sustainable natural views of Taipei, Taiwan . I am confident that this exhibition will be a powerful platform for artists and designers to come together and showcase the beauty and importance of cultural heritage and sustainable fashion.

我非常高興和榮幸收到邀請參加“從傳統到未來——可持續時尚之旅”展覽活動。作為可持續設計的熱情倡導者,我很激動能夠貢獻我的作品,並與更廣泛的觀眾分享我的願景。展覽的主題深深 resonates我的創作之旅,因為我相信可持續性不僅是一種責任,它是一種解決方案,也是創新靈感的來源。

Muhammad Fawad Noori_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work

This collection harmoniously blends the vibrant heritage of Multan's blue pottery with eco-friendly Taiwanese sustainable elements, yielding a unique and captivating array of outfits that pay homage to the past while embracing a responsible future. Inspiration The collection draws inspiration from Multan's blue pottery's mesmerizing patterns, reimagined in textiles, and Taiwanese sustainable elements emphasizing eco-friendliness, minimal waste, and natural materials. Silhouette The outfits feature flowing, fluid silhouettes with loose-fitting pants, long traditional shirts, and hand-printed block-printed long gowns, exuding sophistication and versatility for day-to-night wear. Overall "Ceramic Bloom" is a testament to cultural fusion and sustainable design, offering a must-have digital outfit for those valuing style and the planet's well-being.

這個系列將蒙特藍陶瓷的豐富遺產與台灣可持續發展元素巧妙融合,創造出一系列獨特迷人的服裝,向過去致敬同時擁抱負責任的未來。靈感 這個系列的靈感來自於蒙特藍陶瓷迷人的圖案,重新設計成紡織品,以及強調環保、減少浪費和使用天然材料的台灣可持續發展元素。輪廓 這些服裝採用流暢、流動的輪廓,包括寬鬆的褲子、長款傳統襯衫和手印的長禮服,展現出日間到夜間穿著的精緻和多樣性。整體而言,《陶瓷之花》是文化融合和可持續設計的典範,為那些重視時尚和地球健康的人提供了一款必不可少的數字服裝。