Anita Milosavljević, Danka Djurdjic, Vasilije Petrovic「BANAT FASHION」|永續時尚之旅

|Category:Clothing design
|Material:Natural materials, silk or cotton
|Technique:Sewing, embroidery of ethnic motifs
|City, Country:Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Serbia

Anita Milosavljević, Danka Djurdjic, Vasilije Petrovic「BANAT FASHION」|永續時尚之旅 1
Anita Milosavljević, Danka Djurdjic, Vasilije Petrovic「BANAT FASHION」|永續時尚之旅 3
Anita Milosavljević, Danka Djurdjic, Vasilije Petrovic「BANAT FASHION」|永續時尚之旅 5

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Anita Milosavljevic
MSc Anita Milosavljevic started working at the faculty as a teaching associate for scientific field of Textile and Clothing Science, and now is now a full-time teaching assistant in the same scientific field. Currently, she is a third-year doctoral student at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, University of Nis, Serbia. She participated in various workshops as part of an international project with Romania, financed from IPA funds entitled. She was selected for participation - judging at the "PHF CUP International home textile creative design contest", in Wuhan, China. Also as a representative of the Technical Faculty. Mihajlo Pupin" contributed to the signing of the contract and the conclusion of the faculty's cooperation with the world's largest home textile manufacturer "Jiangsu" and on that occasion she visited the "Haimen Guangdong" company and production as well as Shanghai, China.

MSc Anita Milosavljevic開始在該學院擔任紡織和服裝科學領域的教學助理,目前是同一科學領域的全職教學助理。她目前是塞爾維亞尼什大學萊斯科瓦茨技術學院的三年級博士生。她參加了由羅馬尼亞國際項目資助的各種研討會。她被選中參加在中國武漢舉辦的"PHF杯國際家用紡織品創意設計大賽"評審。此外,作為技術學院"Mihajlo Pupin"的代表,她促成了學院與世界最大家用紡織品製造商"江蘇"簽訂合同並達成合作協議,並在此期間訪問了中國的"海門廣東"公司及其生產基地,以及上海。

Danka Djurdjic
Since October 2015, she has been employed at the Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" in Zenjanin as a teaching assistant for the scientific field of Textile and Clothing Science.

She is a PhD student at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac - University of Nis, majoring in Technological Engineering. As a teaching assistant at the "Mihajlo Pupin" Technical Faculty, she participated in various workshops within the international project with Romania, financed from IPA funds entitled. She participated in establishing cooperation between the University of Novi Sad and the Board of Directors of the World Textile University Alliance WTUA (World Textile University Alliance), and on that occasion she visited China and Donghua University in China. During her stay, she also participated in the negotiations regarding the cooperation of the faculty with the world's largest home textile manufacturer "Jiangsu" in China.


Vasilije Petrovic
Anudi Rupasinghe is an undergraduate student in fashion design, affiliated with the National Innovation Center at the National Institute of Business Management. This project represents her second-year endeavor within the Fashion Design Visualization module, and I am serving as her project supervisor. I am the fashion course director, Lecturer/ consultant at National Innovation Center. Anudi is particularly passionate about the sustainable fashion sector and is conducting experiments with natural dyes to address current issues. Specifically, in this project, she is targeting Autism customer segmentation to provide solutions through sustainable natural dyeing techniques on fabric.

Anudi Rupasinghe是國家商業管理學院國家創新中心的時尚設計本科生。該項目代表她在時尚設計可視化模塊的第二年努力,我是她的專題指導老師。我是時尚課程主任,也是國家創新中心的講師/顧問。Anudi特別熱衷於可持續時尚領域,正在進行自然染料的實驗以應對當前的問題。具體而言,在這個項目中,她正在針對自閉症客戶進行分割,通過對布料的可持續自然染色技術提供解決方案。

Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

Anita Milosavljevic
Preservation of tradition through modern design is important because one must not forget the culture of a people, also what is perhaps the most important for today is certainly sustainable fashion which is the future and which must be worked on and awaken the consciousness of the majority. Tradition has always inspired and attracted me, and I have been dealing with sustainable fashion for several years because I want our planet to always be green, healthy and beautiful for all of us.


Danka Djurdjic
Tradition in fashion can serve as a source of inspiration, but the future of fashion requires sustainability. Integrating traditional techniques and materials with sustainable practices can create fashion that is both modern and environmentally friendly. It is crucial to adapt to changes and innovations to ensure that fashion remains relevant and environmentally friendly in the future.


Vasilije Petrovic
As a young person, I am glad that I saw the importance of preserving  the environment in time, and it is currently the main topic of my  interest. However, what I have been working hard on so far is the  research of the cultural heritage of my people, in addition to the fact that  it is interesting for me to know the cultural heritage of my area, it is  very inspiring for me to create new clothing items.


Anita Milosavljević, Danka Djurdjic, Vasilije Petrovic_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work

A collection of modern models, inspired by cultural heritage, ethnic motifs and folk costumes from Banat, Serbia and Romania. 

The models aim to preserve tradition through modern design that exudes tradition and motifs that remind us of our roots. 

Emphasis is placed on interesting details, model cut, comfort, but also on natural and pleasant materials.