Soamshine Boonyananta「ETERNITY」|永續時尚之旅

|Category:Accessory design
|Material:Paper and pearlescent sand from green mussel shells
|Technique:Paper Craft
|City, Country:Bangkok, Thailand

Soamshine Boonyananta_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

Soamshine is the head of Art Education Division, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Her research scope is in the context of developing alternative materials for sustainable art and design. Her current research is about pearlescent sand from waste mussel shells. This material has the beauty of natural pearls using a low-energy and produce low carbon during the production process. The pearlescent sand can use as a precious decorative material for any art & design works.


Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

Nowadays, people is aware of environmental problems caused by people's activities, and fashion is one of the industries that pollute the environment due to its short life cycle. If low-energy materials can be used for production and can be degraded when they are not needed, then it will help fashion design to be environmentally sustainable.


Soamshine Boonyananta_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work關於參展作品的創作動機與設計理念

This brooch is designed by cutting wasted paper into circles which representing eternity, then folding them into a half and adorning each piece with pearlescent sand created from wasted green mussel shells. With the concept of using food waste to make precious jewellery that can be completely degraded when not needed. This piece of jewellery reflects eternity in terms of both the design concept and the degradation of biodegradable materials.