|Category:Clothing design
|Material:Recycled selvedge denim scraps
|City, Country:Taipei, Taiwan

Ra Thomson_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

New Zealanders are well known for their “can do” attitude and Ra is no exception. His skill and creativity is born out of a passion for craftsmanship and design and a wish to inspire. His professional journey has led him through many roles in the Fashion Industry and he pioneered one of NZ’s most renowned Menswear brands. He is now proud to call Taiwan home and passionately shares his skills as a professor in the Fashion Department at Shih Chien University where he has developed his own menswear program. In recent years Ra has been bringing sustainable thinking into his classes and encouraging students to think differently about their design.


Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

Fashion is not a word I like to use, because it stands for everything that is wrong with today's industry; the idea of things being disposable because of a trend. One the things that has always attracted me to Menswear is its long tradition of designing with a focus on durability, function and purpose over aesthetics. Reviving this design principle is key to our future, we need to slow down consumption, make things that are designed to last both physically and aesthetically and put time and care into what we create. I believe there is a deep connection between the skill and craft of our design and our society as a whole.


Ra Thomson_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

The Concept and Description of the Work關於參展作品的創作動機與設計理念

The core concept of this piece is to demonstrate to my students that the waste they create still has value and that they need to be more mindful of how they consume and discard resources. I also wanted to prove to them that "dope" things can be made from trash. This jacket is made entirely from selvedge denim scraps that I have collected from the classroom floor after they were thrown away by my students. This distinctive fabric has a special red and white edging and after joining the small scraps together it results in the unique detail of random lines.