Huizhen Huang, Weikun Tang「DONG」|永續時尚之旅

|Category:Vase design
|Material:304 stainless steel, Dong cloth (egg white fabric)
|Technique:The origami technique in fashionTraditional Dong cloth making technique, botanical dyeing, hand beating
|City, Country:Beijing, China

RESTUDIO唐偉焜(左)黃惠貞(右)_SUSFUTURE2024 國際永續時尚設計展

/Artist 藝術家/

Founded in 2018, RESTUDIO is a design organization oriented towards research on materials. With materials being the first perspective, it pursues a three-dimensional and unique material and product experience by maintaining openness and creativity while incorporating a systematic and sustainable design approach.


Perspectives on Tradition and Future, Sustainability and Fashion, and Life.

I believe "tradition" is the accumulation of experiences passed down from predecessors across different historical backgrounds, encompassing thoughts, culture, artistic customs, and many other aspects. The continuation of tradition involves absorbing the experiences of our predecessors and integrating them with the current era's context to produce content that aligns with contemporary lifestyles. Its significance lies in providing a channel for people today to understand "tradition."



The Concept and Description of the Work

As a carrier of local culture in the process of cultural convergence, local craft, similar to language, is more likely to be an endangered part.

The DONG project explores the potential application of bright cloth, which is originally widely used in the apparel industry. In the whole process, we attempt to place Dong cloth which should have been worn on items, and finally make the first product of the DONG series—the DONG VASE.

As more structural designs are developed, Dong cloth can be re-imagined for use in household and even furniture products, which is a continuation of the techniques, aesthetics and ideas of the local culture of Dong.